Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

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Through the Ages wonderfully marries oppressive engine building with open ended goals and strategy. Overwrought player turns and excessive game state upkeep, result in Through the Ages feeling like a dated design despite it's revisions however. The game's unreasonable length and amount of rules will likely doom Through the Ages to the shelf for long stretches of time.


I feel like everything about this game is better than the original Through the Ages. Which is amazing, because the Original Through the Ages was absolutely excellent. I rated it a 9, if this is better, I guess this makes this a 9 too, it might eventually become another 10.


This game is so damn good. So much you can do, so many paths to victory. What a game! There are so many details and rules, but all of them make sense in the game. An excellent brain teaser for strategy. Mr. Vlaada has done it again!The ios app is equally amazing.


2-4 players, civ building, 120-180 minutes.I'm a big fan of civilization games, have always played civ games on the PC (mainly Sid Meier's Civilization), so I'm always curious/excited when a board game implementation comes by.This one is a revised version of TTA and has been very well received given the very high rating and ranking on BGG. Once I had played it once, decided to add it to the collection, although it will probably not get much playtime (it's a bit fiddly and very dry and it is a very long game).Fortunately, I also have the app, so can play it solo as well against the AI.


To damn long for its repetitive and fiddly gameplay loop. It would be a good light filler if it wasnt as long.


Certainly superior to the original, but it's still a damn long game. And if you slip up early, then it's best to give up and walk away - there's no catch up mechanic here.


REally impressive. Not one I feel compelled to play constantly, but certainly an experience I want regularly.


They made it less fiddly and prettier, which is a definite advantage--but some of the card changes seem suspect. Time will tell. [EDIT] It is an improvement over the original, but lately I've felt ,less forgiving about its core flaws: downtime, a sameyness over multiple plays, and the weird ahistorical/acultural themelessness that permeates many civilization games.


1st Impressions: This game is good. I don't know how much civ games are really my style, but the app is an entertaining solo experience. It's interesting enough that I want to play it more, but not enough that I want to be super competitive. It's the kind of game where being good means memorizing all of the cards, which I'm not a huge fan of. (But there are few enough cards that's reasonable.) I wouldn't mind playing with people, but I'm not going to buy the game.




Game was too long for what it was, if I play again and things are quicker my rating may go up.


11/15: A beautiful game, and I love the new tactics rule. I need to play this more to see how the other new rules play out; I'm hoping Vlaada hasn't balanced out the fun. 7/17: Dozens of plays later I'm happy to confirm this game is even better than the original, with no regressions.


Between the online game and the physical board game I have played this one maybe the most of all my board games January 2016 $62.99


Love the original edition and would love to have the updated version.


Tablet app, not physical boardgame




App I've only played this digitally. I can't imagine playing it with all of the little pieces to remember. Great civilization-building game.


by 3MBG

Still not a fan of the theming and weird interactions, Like building the internet with your Iron working, while your army of a Napoleonic cannon, a phalanx and a fighter jet go to war. But the app version is dramatically better than the board game. All the fiddly stuff that makes the game drag being automated is a huge blessing for this game.


TRADED AWAY Fantastic game. Difficult to get into. Great civilization builder. Difficult decisions. Some analysis paralysis. Unfortunately, it takes far too long to play.


Playing TTA was sort of like reading The Grapes of Wrath: I felt I should do it but I question whether it was a rewarding experience. The mechanics are sleek and impressive but I didn't find them compelling. Player interaction is low and what there is feels a bit random, like in the event deck, or a plain beat down, like in the aggressions. Finally, add to that 10-20 minute turns (my first game with four took 5 hours and we still didn't get through the last round or two of Age III before Joey's was closing) and I don't myself looking forward to another play of this. PROS -Art & components are high caliber. -Mechanics mesh well and it is cool how the resources work. -Card abilities felt thematic. -Seemingly good balance, at least after hearing the stories of the first edition.


Love this game. So many viable strategies in it.



The app is FANTASTIC. One of the best designs I've ever played.


I think this game really shines as a two-player experience. I have played a few 6+ hour 4-player games and I always enjoy the game!


Digitale versie op iPad


The only civ game worth playing, and a cool new polished version of it.


The design is so drum-tight and integrated, it runs circles around any other heavy euro in terms of systems and play. Even though it is essentially an engine-builder/resource management game, it feels absolutely nothing like any of the other games that drive down the same road. TtA hits the sweet spot of tactics-meets-strategy, as you have to pivot effectively based on what the card row gives you and what your opponents are doing. And yet, core strategies drive individual players' play styles which are varying. Top players can adapt to the game state nearly instantly and make decisions that seem puzzling to the uninformed, but are usually just angles you haven't considered yet. Overall the systems are balanced, but there are some cards that don't come in to play very often due to optimal strategies. Age II is particularly wonky with problematic leaders. Napoleon is always useful, no matter what your build looks like. Newton runs the gamut from incredibly strong (if you're short on CAs and high on Science, he's a beast) to useless, and Max is generally good. The other three (Cook/Bach/Shakespeare) are-- in that order-- decreasingly useful and increasingly situational. On the margins, some of the techs need a bit of tweaking, particularly the Age I Blue techs (except Code of Laws, of course), and some non-military Age III techs that are expensive without a lot of time to have them pay off. A lot of these changes are in the works in the forthcoming expansion, from new Leaders and Wonders that can be played in any combination, to a rebalancing of the base game cards. Having said all that, it is still an invigorating gaming experience challenged by no other. It is a game that begs its players to achieve mastery, and yet mastery always feels just out of reach. There is Through the Ages, and then there is everything else. It is the game against which I measure every other game I've ever played.


Takes the fantastic Through the Ages, fixes the military problems and rebalances the the cards. Could it get any better?


2016-10-16 - Bought BoardGameWarriors 2017-10-06 - Played the original ~ 200 times so 1st play of this was a bit unexpected with the card changes and all :) However, still a delightful game. Need to explore more!


A difficult game to understand what you are supposed to be doing, but doing it correctly isn't that difficult. Possibly the ultimate balancing act in a board game. It doesn't feel worth the length and fiddlyness of tracking everything. Works better as an app.


Despite being an incredibly long affair, Through the Ages justifies its term. The mechanics are simple and clear, but the implications and interactions of the various mechanics make this game difficult to wield. Balancing military, population growth, and corruption, with the ultimate goal of maximizing culture is incredibly difficult, though equally satisfying. TtA is a game I strive to master, but with each game lasting an hour or so per player, improvement is an epic grind.


Man, this game makes me happy, tingly and happy.