Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition

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Can't think of anything that makes this a step in the wrong direction from the original (big box) Descent.


I like the improvements in this over First edition. But it still feels long to me, and I'm not sure this type of game interests me much anymore. I like tactical games, but I might be done with D&D style now. Or at least, that's not an overall appealing theme to me as much anymore.


Me and my wife liked playing the tutorial quest in the Road to Legend app. The app has some really bad UX flaws but those do not take the joy of the game.The idea of discovering tiles as you move through the dungeon (when playing with the app) is something that I absolutely LOVE, just like MoM.The game itself is a bit fiddly, too many monsters abilities that make you keep reading the cards all the time (although I think this will get more natural as we play more quests).Still have to play the normal version where one player is the overlord.




I'm not sure about this.. it's seems a bit rules fiddly..But I did like it on some level..I do like the dice though..


This game has lots of playstyles.You can play as overlord or heroe in heroes vs overlord mode.You can play heroes vs game with Coop Adventures (Forgotten Souls, Nature's Ire and Dark Elements - great experience and i recommend it)You can play heroes vs game with the Application RTL.There are tons of heroes and classes, but yes if u want to have a full experience of this game, u have to pay.With just the base game its for a 7.But the more u give in this game, the more u get.


by paka

Rating it as played with the app. Like it much more this way. If only the LOS rules were better


I must be an idiot for wanting this, based on my dislike of Descent; but if they can condense something Descent-ish into ~2 satisfying hours, I'm in. [EDIT] First quest was less than an hour, which was very promising. That said, it was less than satisfying. Cautious optimism leads me to be eager to try the second quest. [EDIT] So, the double-scenario setup is dubious--it seems at first blush that it likely leads to an inconsequential half (either first or second) too much of the time. And I think they did a great job of shortening, but they took too much out. There's not enough progression in a single session (which is to say there's none), and the underlying combat game is basically too trivial and random to be truly engaging. A yeoman's effort, but just falls short.


Really love the one vs many mechanic in Descent but there are significant balance issues with this game. It's far too easy for the heroes to get extremely powerful early on and the ovelord can't gain equivalent XP to balance their upgrades out.


Tentative rating after one game. Might have liked it more after a few more plays.


Dungeon delving at its very best. Excellent implementation of some awesome mechanics. Each 'game' plays in a reasonable amount of time while the campaign mode allows for characters to grow.


Chad has a copy




Descent is a dungeon crawling classic. It has lots of dynamic play and makes it reasonably fun to play the bad guy! My only gripes come from the random treasures which can leave a party of players at a balance with the overlord player. This can lead to missions that take much longer than desired as the party cannot dispatch the monsters quick enough to progress. For this game to really shine the overlord player should be prepared to take on a more GM like role to ensure the majority of players still have a good experience.


Good game for fans of dungeon...


I liked the combat and thought that was really nicely implemented, which to me, makes it better than Drizit.


Really the best dungeon crawl ever. The hours just slip away while playing. It is so interactive at every step, it keeps you intrigued and active. I would like to play as a player more often, alas, I am doomed to slaughter them instead! I would rate this higher if it didn't take so long to play. It just isn't something I could say "I will play right now!" at any time due to the length. signed


My favorite dungeon crawler RPG, favorite solo game (with Road to Legend app). Brilliantly distils a videogame experience onto cardboard and lots of plastic.


This game is just way too much fun. I have tried a few other dungeon games and avoided Descent for awhile because of the complexity. What a mistake. I wish I had just started here.


I have fond memories playing through a number of scenarios in this. I don't own, so I don't see it on the table very often.


2-5, 120m+


Ugh. I don't like dungeon crawls and it was because of this that this game did not settle well with me. Only 1 play and it took 3 hours for the 1st scenario. It is a good game in that it seems that the overlord is playing a different game from the one that you are playing. If you are playing with others who are into the theme then it would be a fun game but if you don't like fancy name such as "Theodrun the Battlescarred" or somesuch, I suggest you stay away. As for the dolls, there are plenty of them in the box.


A good 1 vs many game, but it just takes too long to setup and explain. I only got it to the table a few times before selling it.