Next War: India-Pakistan


Next War: India-Pakistan, the next volume in GMT's series of Next War games and a follow-on to?Next War: Korea and Next War: Taiwan, allows players to fight a near future war between India and Pakistan.

Next War: India-Pakistan will feature the same kinds of action as seen in the previous games, but with a single map, all the action is concentrated. New rules governing international intervention are provided so that players can pick and choose who shows up with which high-tech "toys" to influence the fight. With the plethora of optional rules, players can fine-tune the conflict to their desire. In addition, the Loose Nukes scenario provides a wild and woolly experience from the get-go as both sides race to secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

Ownership of Next War: Korea or Next War: Taiwan is NOT required to play Next War: India-Pakistan.

MSRP: $85.00Lowest: $119.99

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