Bottom of the 9th

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If you like baseball, this is a good one. I have a little issue with the way it scores in the end, and there is a lot of luck involved, even if you get in the head of your opponent and do everything right, there is still the threat that you could roll poorly and it won't matter. But I suppose that's true of baseball too.


I got this mainly for solo, but found it to take too long for what it is. Might pull it out every so often if I need a baseball fix that Baseball Highlights can't fulfill.


Plus: - Big League Support - Hitters - Pitchers - Sentinels of the Ninth Sleeved with Mayday Standard


My first play was with someone who doesn't especially love baseball. So... I think the game had to carry the event. And I think it did, but perhaps not perfectly. The premise is that you just play 1/2 of an inning of baseball. So we have an asymmetrical game. This appeals. The first bit is the "stare down", which is a somewhat informed game of guessing. I like this, as it mimics what happens during an at-bat. Next the pitcher rolls dice. In this case, I think dice are good. They add uncertainty to the game, which is a good thing. Next the batter rolls, which is fine. But the determination of what happens took some brain power, and the help card that came with the game was not immediately clear. I think a few more plays will smooth this out. But initially there was a bit of uncertainty. Running for base, if you make contact... I didn't care for the twitch factor here. I dislike the idea that you roll dice and announce "safe" or "out", in real time. This means the first to grab their dice and make a quick roll is at an advantage - not good when 1 player knows the rules and the other is still grasping how to play. Seems predatory. I may change this to each player rolls at the same time. Pitcher fatigue - interesting mechanism. I think I like it. So mostly good. I may make a different help card. And with the running tweak I mention above, the game may work for me. I do wish the box were bigger. I bought the two expansions, and everything barely fits in the box.


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Boring for solo play.


Pastime in the summer. As with most baseball games that do pitch by pitch, it takes far too long to play. Lookup tables and modifies slow the whole thing down. Nice production.


There's a lot of things to like about this game, and a few things to dislike. The theme, and the way they portray the theme is really cool. The vintage look is really cool. There's a ton of cards and options to choose from. The concept of the 'stare-down' is really intense, and a cool metagame forms there. Also, I know a few people don't like the real-time aspect, but I really love it. It correctly emulates the cadence baseball has of being slow-slow-methodical-slow-FAST PACED FUN ACTION-slow-slow. However, my biggest gripe with the game is how complex it can get. It's supposed to be an easily accessible, quick outing, but trying to remember all of the possible modifiers gets too tedious for me.


baseball fan should like this game. well constructed.


Bottom of the 9th is a blind guessing game, with the pitcher and batter trying to outguess one another. The fatigue mechanism invites double thinking, but most often the batter will make contact before striking out. In hopes of countering the inherent hitter's advantage the game utilizes a 'Run' phase which effectively destroys the game balance and tension. After contact is made both players race to roll a 5 or 6, essentially flipping a coin to determine if the runner is safe or out. Even in the turn-based variant the batter will be thrown out 45% of the time. This causes the lengthy pitching duel to culminate to a five second die race, stripping the duel of its importance. Even more generally the dice mitigation is insufficient and the player abilities are too situational to excite play.