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Bananagrams = Fast-Scrabble! Anytime you can get everyone doing something at the same time (zero downtime) can make for a lot of fun. We like to add rules after each round. (For instance, in order to win the following round you must have 1 word that matches the theme that the winner comes up with. i.e. Colors, Animals, Things on the beach)


Easy to pick up and teach. We will cut some tiles out of the pile to cut down on play time. We also implement a "house rule" that you must be able to define the words you use.


Reasonably fun word game, but I am not a big word game fan (I am a bit special when it comes to spelling). It has almost no player interaction and a pain if you end up with a bunch of Q's and Z's at the end of the game.


Good fun word game for people that find scrabble too boring. Like scrabble though, you'll benefit if you know all the little two letter words


Dozens of games really. My mom loves this game to bits to the point that she won't play anything else.


*** I play this using scrabble tiles ***


(7/16) 6. (10/17) Drop to 4. A word game that I enjoyed more than I imagined I would. But there are so many of them out there. Still, I'd play it again.