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I appreciate it when press-your-luck games make each toss of the dice (or pull of a tile, or draw of a card, or whatever) dependent on other factors, and Rallyman's necessity of planning future turns on the track does that beautifully. That said, it does suffer from the fatal flaw of almost all racing games, that of being too long--though judicious track-construction can mitigate that.


What a SMASHINGLY great game! Simply one of the best racing games I've had the pleasure of playing in a very long time. The mechanic is simple, but novel. The "feel" is just like driving a rally car, if you could draw such an analogy from moving a piece of plastic on a board. The modular boards can create myriad course configurations, but each stage isn't really all that long. A nice press your luck mechanic works very well, with the only niggle being that rolling one die at a time is just a WEE BIT tedious. Overlooking this, it's an EXCELLENT play! Highly recommended!


Have along with 4th edition. Mixed contents for better component/tile quality