Captain Sonar

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The most fun (and stress) I've had playing a board game. A good group of 6-8 will be constantly entertaining and the game ends in a flurry of discussion. Rules are quick to explain and it is easy to get the game rolling.


by 3MBG

Wow, what an experience. A truly unique game, but I wouldn't play it will less than 6 people


TRADED AWAY Needs 8 players. Chaotic fun. Each player has a simple, interactive job. Too easy to cheat by mistake, which completely ruins the game.


2.12.18 The kind of game you play and you immediately say, "Let's play again!" Each person on a team gets one of four jobs: captain, first officer, engineer, and radar operator. These jobs have a sort of mini-game to them that is dependent on the actions of teammates or opponents. The downside is that that means you really need 8 players to enjoy the game. The mini-games are all fairly fun but I think the captain and radar operator are the best jobs.


This game, more so than any other game I've played really, is SO dependent on who you are playing with on your team. Great team, great game. Mediocre team, horrible game (even if the other team is mediocre). I'd rate it higher if I was always on a great team, and am leery of playing it with new players. Yeah, I know, any team game is better when on a great team; it seems even more important in this game.


1 play 6 players turn by turn. Great game for big groups or parties. Tension rises through the game and a crescendo at the end of the game.


My bias against real time shows, but I just did not have fun playing this.


w/ extra markers




Everyone gets it and loves it, asks to play. Best with 8, so it's more of a party game. Only real time game I've actually enjoyed and appreciated for its design. Really good!!


I'm not a huge fan of games where accidentally NOT following the rules because you get overwhelmed can actually improve the game


Includes Chicago maps


Tons of fun. Room for creativity, quick setup, variety of roles, and the chaos of real-time play make this an outstanding game. Just have to find enough people.


Amazing game, so fun


(+) Fast paced, no downtime, theme is felt through the gameplay, promotes teamwork, no quarterbacking problem, a strategic group "party game", multiple roles, great art, multiple scenarios/maps, perfect execution of concept, tense gameplay (-) Not very accessible to non-gamers for being a 6-8 player game,accidental cheating, can have a weak-link player problem, wouldn't play turn-by-turn mode or with less than 6 players, has some edge case rules that are not intuitive (+/-) Complex for a party game, requires the right kind of group (must communicate well, handle medium weight rules, etc.)


Probably the most stressful game I own, but still so rewarding and competitive. I think I can safely say this is the most unique game in my collection.


Only played a handful of times as it's hard to get the proper player count - but everyone seems to love it.


The perfect example of why I play board games. Camaraderie and challenge.


Based on premise alone this is a must try, especially for convention goers and party gamers. The real time aspect helps this game step out of the party game mold while also facilitating the conversation and outburst moments that are typical to that genre. The 'fun factor' is not consistent through the four available roles, however this is surprisingly one of the game's greatest strengths. The lesser roles allow for rookies, or otherwise tentative players, to immediately mix with experienced players, allowing them to learn the game quickly whilst playing, and eliminating the need to observe for a few rounds before taking the dive. There are options for low player counts, and a turn-based variant, but this game certainly thrives at 8. Unfortunately, it plays long. Since each player repeats their single action over and over, this game would be better suited to a 15-20 minute battle, allowing players to swap teams and roles more often.


(9/16) 6. Very good, very stressful. My concern isn't getting the 8 people necessary to play this, it's getting 8 people willing to learn their individual stations. Think it's a step beyond non-gamers which makes the chances of this hitting the table slim probably. (9/17) 6. My initial feelings still apply. Great, unique game, but just sooooooo stressful. Couldn't play this more than twice in a row. :-)


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