Captain Sonar board game

Be organized and communicate because a captain is nothing without his crew: the First Mate, the Radio Operator, and the Engineer.

All the members of a team sit on one side of the table, and they each take a particular role on the submarine, with the division of labor for these roles being dependent on the number of players in the game: One player might be the captain, who is responsible for moving the submarine and announcing some details of this movement; another player is manning the sonar in order to listen to the opposing captain's orders and try to decipher where that sub might be in the water; a third player might be working in the munitions room to prepare torpedoes, mines and other devices that will allow for combat.

Five Maps Included

Multiple maps are included with varying levels of difficulty. Use the option best suited for your playgroup, or try more difficult maps to increase the challenge!

Two Modes of Play

Captain Sonar can be played in two modes: turn-by-turn or simultaneous. In the latter set-up, all the members of a team take their actions simultaneously while trying to track what the opponents are doing, too. When a captain is ready to launch an attack, the action pauses for a moment to see whether a hit has been recorded--then play resumes with the target having snuck away while the attacker paused or with bits of metal now scattered across the ocean floor.

Captain Sonar is packed with over three dozen high quality components.

  • 24 role sheets
  • 2 transparent radio operator sheets
  • 8 erasable marker pens
  • 2 screens
  • Rulebook

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  • Didnt have the right crew the first time, but it was still fun, you have to have a system of word that everybody follows to make it easier for the radio officer to work if not it gets too confusing and impossible to find the enemy ship
  • Makes me feel like a cog in the machine instead of a member of a team.
  • Game needs 7-8 players to really shine. Love it.
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Agreeing with some of the replies here - #Captain Sonar is definitely the best real time game I've played, though it can be tough to get enough people together for a full complement of crew mates on each team. Dont forget to put the 'Hunt for Red October' soundtrack on your speaker whilst you play - adds wonderfully to the atmosphere and stress.

Wow! I am definitely NOT drawn to real time games. I have played a couple, though, with the best by far being #Captain Sonar. I played as the captain and MAN was that stressful, haha.

I just had a peak at #UBOOT: The Board Game and it looks very cool, like #Captain Sonar on steroids! Plus I love the partially submerged 3D Uboat

Some great games on this list, not sure I have ever thought of #Raiders of the North Sea or #Keyflower as overly nautical games, as although both do include ships they aren't a core mechanic in the game (ships are implied more than featured in raiders and are just things you collect starting meeples off of each round in keyflower). 

Love #Captain Sonar, can be hard to get 8 people together but when you do it is a blast. 

I played more that I normally do, which was great! I played a 6 player game of Captain Sonar, a 3 player game of Tigris and Euphrates, and a 3 player game of Azul. Captain Sonar was alright, it felt very limiting and it kinda dragged on. Tigris & Euphrates was great, it took me probably 30 minutes wrap my mind around the strategy, but it was too late and I lost, not as bad it could have been though! And Azul is just a great thinky filler, I have played a ton so I won that one :)


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