It's a Wonderful World

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This is a really nice step up for those who dipped their toes into gaming with 7 Wonders. The timing element of this game is really satisfying when you can pull off getting the resources needed in production to finish off cards in the same round, then setting you up for more combos. I missed the KS for the expansion but will look for it at retail for sure. This one is totally worth playing if you enjoy engine building and clever timing mechanisms.


Haven't Played Yet.


Game does a fantastic job of being simple, fast paced, and thoughtful. As I played it, it kept feeling like other games I have played but very unique which made it easy to learn while being worth a spot in the collection.


Way too dependent on who is best able to min-max and work out all the production steps for the end-game, which is something I don't care to do (and something that would annoy me if others took exceedingly long to do). Reminded me a bit of Rise of Augustus in that you're slowly placing stuff on cards over several turns until you can finally complete them (build them) and benefit from the cards. Theme is completely tacked on. And the title is off-putting and has no indication of what the game even is.The resource bowls are worthless. There's no heft to them, so they move around while you're trying to fetch cubes from them. It was a good idea in principle, but would be better off just putting the cubes directly on the table or board.


I'm probably downgrading this because I'm a bit biased, having a chance to play this game before release. I might end up rating this higher with more plays, but it's already earned a permanent spot on my shelf.