Bora Bora

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Weight: 3.74 / 5


Designed by Stefan Feld.2-4 players, 120 minutes, medium heavy, dice placement.Rating based on 1st plays (2p run through and a 3p game), which were a lot of fun. The game took quite a while, but it never felt like that. Want to play this some more.


I enjoyed my one play of Bora Bora, but there are other Feld games I'd choose to play before it.


by t2

Anniversary gift from Sam, 2014.


2-4 60-120


We have only played this Feld once so my opinion may change with more plays. However, this is one of my least favorite Feld games. The artwork is beautiful, the board is just as busy as you'd expect in one of his games. But I felt that the setup was a bit involved for what it accomplishes through randomization. It has a lot of elements from other games he has designed so I may just need to explore its possibilities a bit more before I decide if I will keep it or not.


Love the variability of the different tiles in the game. 10/30/17: Whoa, it's been a couple years since we busted this out.


FOR SALE FOR TRADE It looks overwhelming but the game play is fascinating.


5.9.17 Probably my second favorite Feld after Luna but it's a somewhat distant second. Rialto might surpass Bora Bora in terms of being slightly less fiddly with lower rules overhead but still enjoyable for the decisions possible. PROS -Lots of player interaction. -Lots of varying strategies. -Gameplay is going to vary a lot from game to game. -Busy but still pretty to look at. CONS -BB is a number of mini-games that feel more connected than Trajan but has a bit of that kitchen-sink type design. -Fiiiiiiiddly to the extreme: an absurd number of chits, tokens, pieces, and cards. -Numerous niggling rules questions but not a deal breaker.


My opinion of this game started pretty low, maybe near a 6, but rose steadily, and has now teetered off around an 8. What I'm really growing to love about this game is just how rewarding it is. It's really one of the hallmarks of a good Feld game: you get rewarded for doing good things. Bora Bora looks at the good things you've done in your gameplay, and says "good job, here's a small bonus for doing so well!". It's just very rewarding to play this game and always get that good feeling that you've done something right. What brings this game down slightly is the super long setup time, and how fiddly it is at times. I feel like the setup time is too long for what this game is, and there are just a few too many bits for me to like. It's not really enough to ever deter me from playing the game, just something that annoys me a little when I pull it out. I would recommend this game to anyone looking to get a deep, heavy strategy game that rewards you for planning ahead, and building an in-game engine.


Very easy to learn and understand for a game its weight. Very simple and elegant to understand what actions are available to you at any given time and what action will accomplish what result. The long term effects of your actions seems fairly straight forward. Special praise goes to the player board that is dense with rules reminders. Several sources of victory points seem viable. The amount of actions you get is not enough to accomplish everything that you want, but it is enough to fulfill your highest priorities.


I didn't love this one, I think it really needs the "worker tile" mechanic from Castles of Burgundy to make it work. One of the expansions adds it, and it's easy enough to proxy, so I'll try that for my next play.


Very fun and challenging game in the standard Stefan Feld style: lots of victory points, lots of different mini games and lots of fun. The production quality is okay but the illustration, design and colour palette are fantastic.


2-4, 90m


There is a lot going on in this game.


[Draw bags for randomize some tiles] [Sleeved]