Parfum transports players to the wonderful world of fragrances, which dates back hundreds of years to when aromatic scents were irst used in the Orient in myriad ways. This expertise in manufacturing precious mixtures eventually reached Europe, with the French town of Grasse in Provence becoming the capital of the perfume craft.

As master perfumers, players distill precious essences and create unique perfumes using ingredients like vanilla and lavender. But each customer has their own preferences, so even the most charming symphonyof fragrances must satisfy the tastes of the wealthy clientele.

Choose your aroma dice skillfully and mind well your client's desires in order to become the most successful perfumer.

1 Game Board
42 Fragrance Notes
15 Aroma Dice
25 Customers
25 Water Well Tokens
25 Flacons
7 Clocks
4 Scoring Markers
4 Perfumeries
1 Closing Time Token
1 Cloth Bag
1 Rules Booklet


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