The Bloody Inn

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by sky

One play (4p). I probably liked it this game the most out of the group. I am drawn into art style and I appreciate the darker setting. There are interesting decisions to be made each round but the whole group agreed that two actions per turn felt very limiting as it was often the case of needing to hire on your first turn, then acting out the action you actually want on the second. However, I am inclined to believe that with more plays and exploration, we would be able to make better tactical decisions.


At Work


Fantastic, thematic, beautiful engine building game. Quick, yet full of tough decisions.


I appreciate the fresh theme but it doesn't really play into my rating all that much, except that I love the artwork. It's a very solid card game and the money conversion idea is fantastic. Burying cards in your opponent's tableau is super cool. This game is begging for expansions. The base set of cards is a little bland.


Not a bad game but the theme is awful (to me at least). Outside of that, it is a card game with some strategic plays. Won't play again due to theme.


Quite a fun game where you try to acquire as much money as you can through different means (typically murdering your guests though). I like the idea of having to balance cash on hand versus "in the bank". Looking forward to playing this more.


Never has it been this fun to kill peeps! Really nice game to show off what 2 actions per round does!