Pandemic: Iberia

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My wife loves regular Pandemic and now loves this version as well! We are really enjoying this.


Itch: co-op


The best version of "base" Pandemic i've played. It doesn't stray far enough from base Pandemic to feel unique like some other Pandemic games, but it does that base Pandemic experience better than base Pandemic. The water purification tokens are brilliant and elegant. I particularly like their use of otherwise negative space. And the trains create a wonderful sense of progression. Movement feels perfectly restricted yet flexible between trains and boats. The map design helps with that. And only being able to cure diseases is surprisingly helpful for teaching the game and strategy. Production is also terrific. Gorgeous game. If you don't like Pandemic then Iberia won't change your mind. But if you like Pandemic this is the best "vanilla" experience.


2-5 players (best 4) 60 minutes


Beautiful and fun version of the classic coop.




My first Pandemic. My favourite out of base, + In The Lab, and Cthulu by far. Railroadman is greatest of all time.


by zach

Really enjoy the new mechanics. Purifying water and building train tracks adds some very fun new elements that make the game feel like a very fresh take on the Pandemic formula. Fun solo and coop


Cool player powers, pretty simple, easy to alpha gamer. The theme is barely there. Its noticeably thin when adding or removing cubes, drawing random cards from a deck, or passing cards around which is pretty fiddly. It's now growing on me as a simple family game where I boss others around. It's now growing on me as a game where I let others do their thing and don't feel compelled to direct us to victory, I just let everyone try their best.


Mayday Sleeved.


In Germany


I just played this for the first time last night and had a pretty good time. We got down to only 2 player cards in the deck which made it exciting to win at the last minute. It isn't a game I'd pick off the shelf for my next game night but that's probably because Co-op games are a little lower on my list in general. Overall a fun game though!