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About 15 games played.Last chest unlock, let you carry on playing the game if you wish


The gameplay is stodgy and tedious, and for the most part the legacy stuff is merely more stodge and tedium. The narrative is also stale and uninteresting.


Started out strong but drug on mightily at the end with no mechanism or incentive for losers to continue to play. Very swingy and random. Dominant strategy. Rules are poorly written causing heavy confusion. Late game forces players to make assumptions/leaps about what to do following detailed explicit instructions up to that point. Overall: great concept, short on execution. Regret my 15 session campaign which our group finally pulled the rip cord on because it hadn't been fun since about game 6.


Beautiful story, lots of twists but the game needed more work on rules. If you play for the story go ahead. If rule frustration destroys you fun then avoid it. We have good and bad moments after 18 sessions. Avg time per session 2-2,5h.


PHG needs to pull a winner out of their a$$ soon if they want to be a viable contender in the board game industry. For how much they pushed this game for months, this game aint it.