Dopeman is a not-so-family-friendly board game. Play as a power-hungry drug dealer trying to get rich quick. Deliver goods to your customers but watch out for the cops and rival dealers. They’ll try to take you down as you negotiate, bribe, and scheme your way to the top. Make the most money before time’s up, and you win!

There are four drugs in the game: Weed, Molly, Coke, and Shrooms. The board is your block. You move around it to deal your drugs. You’ll get Text Messages from Clients who would like to buy drugs (including which drugs they want, how many baggies, and which apartment to deliver them to), and from Informants who give you advantages throughout the game. At any time if you’re in possession, you could be sent to jail by the Cops. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to rob your friends or buy a weapon, all in an honest day’s work.


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