Dice Town

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Not sure how to rate this properly, as my only play included the expansion (and I don't know what was added by the exp.). It's a decent dice rolling/poker hand sort of game, although the poker hand only really counts toward getting land (worth VPs, but there are other ways to earn VPs). Having money seemed to be either feast or famine in my game. Lots of "take that" by using the Doc Badluck actions as well as the General Store cards, which vary greatly in their power and usefulness. Fun game to play once in a while, although it does run a tad long for what it is.


This has been an absolute hit with every single "fringe gamer" I've introduced it to. Quite a lot of luck, but fun gameplay, lots of interaction, and short playing time balance that out. A definite gateway keeper!


I love games with custom die (usually).. Poker die are sort of custom. But this game is not just about rolling the highest hand all of the time. Some times you may want to roll 9s or 10s..All-round good filler +..


Traded in on January 21, 2017. Just couldn't find people to enjoy it and it seemed to run too long for everyone's taste.Started tracking games late. Add about 10 to the number of plays.


Love the western theme. Easy action selection game with lots of player interaction. Always a fun time.


I had irrational hopes for this one based on the cute dice mechanic, but it's standard Faidutti fare--wild and imbalanced. You want to draw and hold the big point cards, and then steal others--but the only way to protect yourself from being stolen from is to steal yourself, so the endgame can degenerate.


ordered 11/17/2012 from CSI order #CSI-704273 expected delivery 11/21/2012 http://fedex.com/Tracking/Detail?sum=y&ascend_header=1&clienttype=dotcom&mi=n&snbr=0&spnlk=spnl0&cntry_code=us&tracknumber_list=010329366061263&language=english&trackNum=010329366061263 Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #59


Roll dice, keep one each time (unless you pay to do otherwise), aim for the most of something to get a benefit from those on the central board. Amass gold and/or property to have the most points when one of those runs out.


oops... I have never played by the real rules. We play a simplified version with the kids.


Light and fluffy. Can be fun, can be boring.


It's like Citadels but people are laughing instead of groaning. Why does everyone hate this game but me? :(