Gloom Card Game (Second Edition)

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I absolutely adore Gloom. It's so original in its concepts and mechanics. While not necessarily well balanced, the concept and flavor is so fantastic.


Light and fun card game. I love the components. Plastic cards just make me happy when playing.


As a card game Gloom is severely lacking. As a storytelling game where everyone has to give gratuitous descriptions of every awful event and "yes, and" each other to play cards on other players' families it works. There are better options for both.


This is a very interesting alternative in theme: driving a family with mental illness into deeper repression episodes, if not suicide of your characters. It is just different and corny. The game mechanism is really greater with transparent cards that allow the player to add conditions to the character cards. Just it try once. Matured adults required.


The game itself is fine; a bit of push-your-luck with a bit of take-that; but the real fun comes from the story-telling. If played with friends that have a good (or dark) sense of humor, and the ability to thread a good yarn, this game will surely conjure up some laughs. To what depths of misery and misfortune can you sink this family to, before ending their lives? If that question intrigues you, play Gloom, otherwise don't.