Dinosaur Island: Totally Liquid

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Love this expansion. Adds ton of new mechanisms that can be combined the way players want it.


Weight: 3.29 / 5Includes Folded Space insert


Makes a great game even more amazing!


"More systems to staple onto an already stuffed game" Marine dinos add some variety and depth without adding new systems to accomodate them. However, the only way to cycle through them is to purchase them, and if no one wants to buy one then you end up not using them for the whole game. Blueprints try to make park design matter. They succeed, but they also railroad your strategy. Special attractions are a bit fiddly, but they add some interesting variable player powers. Executives are smoother, and more interesting, but lack balance. I've yet to really use PR events, but they look promising. Will update after trying. All-in-all a mixed bag of an expansion. Terrific when it works, utterly unnecessary when it doesn't


The marine creatures are dynamic, although the high-threat ones are useless. New DNA dice are great. The blueprints are just OK. Haven't tried the executives and facilities yet.