Chimera Station

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Nov, 2017 (Arrived). Jan. 2018, bumped rating from 8.5 to 9. My solo variant has turned this from a solid game that I'd like to play when I can into a go-to solo game! It's so fast to set up, and the Automera plays quickly, so I can easily play in an hour or less. Most of my solo games take longer than that. Love this game! I just wish it had better player support!


Amazing worker placement with variable worker abilities, all with a fun theme and great art. I really love this game, an instant favorite.




2-4 players (best 3) 60-90 minutes


So cute! And such a fun mechanic. This game is so full of difficult choices—it really triggers analysis paralysis. Mechanically it’s a simple worker placement game but we have no idea how to play it well—and that, I think, is a good thing. The plastic alien pieces are adorable and so much fun to assemble—if a little too difficult to attach and separate sometimes. And the illustration is wonderful: quirky, fun and really well done.