Star Wars Imperial Assault

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8 on initial impressions. Played a few skirmishes. Beginning campaign with friends in next couple of weeks.


by 3MBG

Easily the smoothest playing and most intense version of Descent. Star Wars theme actually adds to the experience over the generic FFG fantasy world that just feels kinda bland.


A dungeon crawl in the Star Wars universe with an unfolding campaign. Win! INCLUDED: Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Chewbacca Ally Pack Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Han Solo Ally Pack


Dripping with delicious Star Wars theme this game is absolutely amazing especially when played co-op with the app.


Fun dungeon crawler, assuming the person running the Empire is not out for blood.


Convoluted to learn, needlessly complex, unintuitive. Incredibly long setup. Fun when I got to the meat of it, and better than most "Ameritrash" titles. The genre just isn't my cup of tea. I could see this game rising though as efficiency in setup and understanding go up.


Most figures painted. Includes the base box organizer/insert. All cards sleeved.


Brilliant dungeon crawl with the world's best theme. The tactical game is fun too, however, I don't like the booster situation as I don't want to invest hundreds in keeping up, so I'll stick to the 4v1 player campaign which is quite enjoyable. Some missions are very very hard, but the balance between the Rebels and Empire player seems decent (GM doesn't have to play with kid gloves).


I feel the same way as i did about Descent 2.0, it's not very balanced, could be fun with a GM that isn't trying to completely destroy you but not fun at all with one who is playing cutthroat. Just a frustrating experience and not much fun overall.


Was iffy on it my first play, but the ending was pretty exciting my last play, came down to the last move. Very fun


Nothing brings more joy than spawning hordes of storm troopers.


Only played the tutorial scenario, but had a great time with two friends. I do wonder how this will compare to Gloomhaven once my player group gets through our campaign.