Star Wars Imperial Assault board game
Star Wars Imperial Assault board game

Star Wars Imperial Assault

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A Long Time Ago…
Victory! With the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebellion has given hope to a galaxy living in fear. Having lost their ultimate weapon, the Empire scrambles to recover in the face of this crushing defeat.

As the scattered fragments of the battle station rain down upon the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Empire sets in motion a plan to seek retribution against Rebel forces stationed on the small moon.

Not long after, when an Imperial beacon begins to broadcast from an outpost some distance away from the Rebel base, a small team of elite operatives is dispatched; their mission: to silence the signal at all costs…

In Imperial Assault, 2-5 players join forces in an epic Star Wars adventure based on the Descent 2.0 system of combat and dungeon exploration. One player will control the Galactic Empire, pitting the Rebel Alliance against squadrons of Stormtroopers, deadly beasts, and even Darth Vader himself. The other players take control of Rebel Alliance Heroes, going on missions to continue their fight against the Empire. Can the Rebel Alliance work together to accomplish their missions, or will the Empire bring its forces to bear and squash the Rebellion? Find out in Imperial Assault!

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  • I could play this every day
  • Plays: 2-5, 90 min
  • Excellent game. Two in one play modes (campaign and skirmish). Beautiful miniatures. Now that there is an official app for solo / cooperative play, a definite 10 for me.
  • Board setup and component storage is a mess
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I have one insert #Clans of Caledonia

For #Star Wars Imperial Assault I have some Michael's plastic cases to keep stuff organized.

I live with a lot of girls so I usually use hair ties to keep my cards organized.

Right, and I still have no idea if that Canada shipping cost is real or not. Either way, it's been one of the few "Kickstarters" I've looked at that really bothered me.

This only reminded me that I should get #Star Wars Imperial Assault if I ever want to get into this genre.

it takes tào long but it you want to recreate the lore but different, #Star Wars: Rebellion is the absolute top. 2-player only, no solo mode, very long sessions, especially in the beginning but boy is it immersive.

The cardgame #Star Wars: Destiny is end-of-life but there are a lot of cards+dice to be found on the web. it is a 2 player game, head to head, simple but interesting mechanic. Not so heavy on lore but short games and fun to work on your deck before a game.

Haven't played #Star Wars: Outer Rim yet. It builds less of the lore of the movies per se but it's more mechanical than rebellion.

#Star Wars Imperial Assault isn't lore heavy either but this can be done co-op versus an app or solo versus app. It's not so much connected to the theme as Rebellion or Outer Rim but the game itself could be real fun to think and play together; bonding time ;)


Don't be sorry... #Dune is creeping up my list and I think I'll eventually break down and pick it up.

Also, I do have #Star Wars Imperial Assault but I don't fully consider this a SciFi themed game because I consider Star Wars to be Space Fantasy and not really SciFi.

I'm more open to these types of unofficial variants than I am to other house rule variants. In order for me to use one it needs to be very well done and well tested. 

You've already mentioned#Root which was so well done it became the official version.

One REALLY good unofficial solo mode is the RAIV system for#Star Wars Imperial Assault. I like this one so much because it takes what the app does and turns it into a card based system. This allows you to play all the campaigns solo, something that you can't do with the app.

Another really cool one I've used was a Automa for#Trajan. It's surprisingly easy to use and offers a darn good challenge. 

I've told this story before but I'll repeat it again because it's kind of funny. 

My wife really struggles with my board game hobby/obsession. She thinks it is too expensive and that it takes up too much room in our storage closet. She is clearly wrong on both counts. 

Anyway - she was complaining to me that I never play any of the games that I own, and even though I never play them I keep seeking out and acquiring more games. Which was true. 

So in order to prove her wrong I decided to start playing some of my games solo. And it turns out lots of my board games had great solo modes. And it turned out that I really enjoyed it. 

Im trying to remember what game I tried first. It might have been#Star Wars Imperial Assault actually. I realized then that solo gaming was something that I really liked.

Ever since then I started building my collection with solo gaming in mind. Previously I would look for games that I would eventually want to play with my family. (I've long since given up on this dream. They just aren't into board games right now) Now when I buy a new game I consider solo opportunities first, game group possibilities second, and then maybe years from now playing with my family. 

So. From spite to a true enjoyment. That's my story!

Heck yes! I'd love to do some trick shots!

And I would like you to give away #Star Wars Imperial Assault, but only if I win it hahaha Just kidding (but seriously).

The Death Star from#Star Wars: Rebellion. The wooden meeples in#Root. The resource tokens in#Everdell. The miniatures in#Star Wars Imperial Assault. Lots of amazing components out there.

I felt the same when Legion was first announced. Specially since I was on the fence to buy #Star Wars Imperial Assault and all of a sudden FFG came out with a new minis game. Eventually my gaming group bought into legion and I gave in. I still want to try Imperial Assault though.

I don't know if my top 6 would be everyone elses top 6.  The key things for these games I find are:

1) Do you enjoy the theme?  

2) Can you lose or win a game due to luck and still have fun?

3) Do you have a group of players that can get in to it and be excited about the outcome of their characters rolls even if they aren't likely going to win?

4) Do you enjoy creating your own story when you play a game?

If you can get in to it and tell a story about your players journey then win or lose you wiill have fun.  It's not everyone's cup of tea though and my top 6 won't be everyones cup of tea either.  The most "main stream" game in my list is probably Mansions of Madness.  

#Star Wars Imperial Assault would also be in this category.  Similar to Doom except it has an app to play the mastermind.  It's also extremely popular and could be another way to get in to the genre.  It's not on my list as I haven't played it.


Played#Star Wars Imperial Assault on TTS this past week. We are in the Heart of the Empire campaign finale. I think that I have a decent chance of winning (I'm playing as the Empire)

My game group has been meeting online and playing #Star Wars Imperial Assault and it’s been tons of fun. So I’m not at all against TTS. But some games work ok on TTS and some not at all. I just don’t know if Rebellion would be a fun experience. 

I think for me (so far), it's got to be #Root. I've only played it once so far, but I thought it was really neat, and I'd like to try again, both with the same faction and other factions.

Other games my friends own that I have not tried yet and am really looking forward to playing:

It does mostly make sense in #Western Legends.  I think Dungeon Crawlers have a strong need for Minis, especially with established universes.  For instance, I really like minis in #Star Wars Imperial Assault because I know the characters so well.

I don't think I'd mind Western Legends with Meeples though.  The board could be condensed and if you have the beautiful artwork on the cards that would probably be enough for me.  Especially since most of the characters you are just picking a random mini for.  Granted I'd probably like to see some kind of unique meeple for it not just the generic dude.

I would definitely consider #Star Wars Imperial Assault to be a co-op game. Especially if you play the app. 

I love games in general.

Some of my most favorite games of all time are co-op games.

I like co-op games because they tend to make for good solo games. And since so much of my gaming is solo recently that’s really important to me. 

Top Tier co-op games include:


#Star Wars Imperial Assault


#XCOM: The Board Game

Im sure there are lots more but that’s what in the top of my mind right now.

Some of the most fun moments from co-op IA are:

Narrowly escaping Darth Vader on a transport ship

Laughing together as a group when the AI spawned Jabba on a random mission

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Imperial Assault in about 3 minutes - YouTube image
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