Tiny Epic Quest

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Easily my least favourite Tiny Epic. Basically just a push your luck, the entire day phase only determines which dice you'd prefer to have during the rolling that occurs in the night phase. There are three main ways to get points, but it seems likely that everyone will end up doing almost the same thing(s) each turn. Very repetitive, and the components are pretty fiddly.


I really loved the idea behind this game and the Itemeeples are adorable! This game will definitely remind you of playing games like Zelda on the NES/SNES. The artwork is cute and it's really fun trying to get one of your legendary items and then putting it on your meeple. As far as the gameplay, trying to position your meeples in just the right way to complete quests makes the game puzzly and then at night the game turns into a press your luck with die rolls. I think it's a very neat design and I've enjoyed my playthroughs of this game. I would rate this higher but unfortunately the "tiny" aspect holds this game back. Just like with Tiny Epic Galaxies it can be fiddly because of all the small pieces you use to track everything on your player board as well as the worst part in my opinion, trying to find the spell symbols on the board! The board is so busy and the icons are so small that it can be a headache trying to locate any specific symbol.


It's a Yatzee style game that doesn't require much strategy. This game should be played at 4 player as you can try to out think your opponents plans, solo mode is not very exciting. Likely not going to try to get this back to the table.


A lot of fun. Such a good push your luck mechanic.


Game is okay, but kind of boring, and again, I wish the player mats were bigger. The item meeples are okay, but they can't mask what is ultimately a meh game.


Gameplay is very fun and the meeples are awesome. A robust FAQ seems to indicate poorly written rules. Contents are extremely tight in the box! "Tiny" aspect feels more forced than with TEG. Player mats should have been the size of the box and they are very fiddly and prone to being bumped!


First game tonight, 26/8/17, 2 player. Longer than the other tiny epic games but could be the most too. Length might be down to our learning the game. Rules seemed straight forward and the decisions between more efficient moves vs increasing your score give some variety.


Only tried the solo mode of this. Seemed interesting and the Tiny Epic games usually go over well enough with us.


Unfortunately, the "tiny" constraint keeps this game from being an "epic quest". The transportation cards try to turn the board into a mini movement puzzle, but it does not constrain players enough, and ends up being more of an irritant than anything else. The press-your luck-elements seem underdeveloped as well. The ite-Meeples are very cute and clever, but the novelty is not enough to lift this game out of mediocrity.