A Feast For Odin

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+A Feast for Odin: The Norwegians (2018)


Truly an awesome game. So many options. When playing that game one has the need to excel and that is a real challenge.


A much more forgiving faming sim than Agricola. Also just more fun to me.


8.3 / 2-4p / 30-120m / Overall 50 / Strategy 25 / 3.81 (Review - Best game of 2016 / 61 choices to make on the board, looks good maybe pick this up when back in print, Rahdo's #14 of 2016, MHGG 2/3 Liked it)


Lots of ways to score points, in the one game played so far, i focused on sheep. May not have been the best strategy but it was still fun. Felt a bit like a field game, in that there was just so many ways to score points and therefore i would imagine people who are familiar with the game may have an advantage. I like games that make you ponder different stratgies, hours, days, after you play them and this is one such game.


All cards sleeved. Have the small expansion boards.


We absolutely love the game—it’s everything we were expecting. Lots and lots of decisions in a wide open environment. We definitely don’t yet understand what strategy is useful but are eager to figure it out. Amazing artwork and production quality, as to be expected from an Uwe Rosenberg game.


2-4, 30-120m


A Feast for Odin fuses the large action board and sandbox nature of Fields of Arle, with the spacial puzzle of Patchwork. The result is an incredibly fun game, with enormous breadth and several paths to journey. The action board is packed with options, making the game accessible though unusually open for a Rosenberg game. The resulting decision space is so wide it becomes impractical to assess each space, which facilitates a more casual atmosphere than expected. As in most Uwe games, players are gifted with a beautiful narrative arc, and can look down at their boards, islands, and buildings with a grand sense of accomplishment. A Feast for Odin is astonishingly fun, and despite being yet another Rosenberg evolution, delivers on multiple levels.