Washington's War

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One must give credit for designing a 90 minute CDG--so kudos on that. There are two major problems, though. First, the luck of the draw is really potentially huge. There are the War Ends events, which are essentially just forcing you to pass, and then there are all your opponent's events. Usually a CDG offers you an OPs vs. event decision to mitigate this, but that's not on offer here. Couple that with the British desperately needing 3 OPs cards, and the game can be over before it has begun. Secondly, the rules grit is out of whack for a 90 minute game. The asymmetry, although potentially interesting, just ends up as so much obfuscation.


Need to play more, but so far so good.


An good game, though the CDG system that this game pioneered does feel dated since OPs cards are separate from events. The chunky 110-card deck that results leads to extremely swingy plays. If the Brits get NJ and Penn Line Mutinies early, it can short circuit the Continentals entire game. Trimming the deck to Hannibal levels would go a long way to making more consistent experiences, but after 25 years and a redesign, that's unlikely to happen. I also find the Lord North's Gov't Falls cards to be particularly annoying since they're mandatory events that cost you an impulse. At the very least, they should give the active player 1 OP to manage with. Regardless, this is a fun area majority battle for 2p, more similar to Twilight Struggle than the actual war games that WW can claim as children of the design. The rules aren't particularly difficult, and it acts as a great intro step on the way to Hannibal RvC, which is the game I really want to play (though WW is significantly shorter).