A Distant Plain

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Better than Andean Abyss, at least. The events have been appropriately beefed up and there is some very interesting cooperative/competitive tension between the various factions. This only slightly mitigates the core issues of Andean Abyss, however, namely that this is an overly obtuse whack-the-leader game. I wish someone would do something more interesting with the activation sequence.


For solo play. Okay, wow, I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. I should have listened to the advice and not started with the Automa's. So far, I managed to get through the tutorials and half of a game, which took 12 hours. Would love to find the time to really grok this - not sure how realistic that is, though. Update: after a couple of solo games, I'm now enjoying a Vassal game against three 'real' opponents, which really helps understanding both the rules and strategies. I'm still not convinced whether COIN is for me, but for now it is interesting enough to keep playing and discovering.