Dwarven Smithy


Dwarven Smithy is 2-4 player, richly themed card crafting and hand/area management card game. Players work to gain gold by utilizing limited space in their workshop. Player craft items, gain special abilities and tools using a variety of resources. Players choose to draw resources and/or guild cards but the cards can also be purchased from other players or players can purchase resources from a warehouse. Use abilities to change the rules, tools to use fewer resources in making orders or sell crafted items. Special King's Items made for the King are revealed at the end of the game.

There are three types of Resources (metals, gems, and runes) and four types of Guild cards(Apprentices, Tools, Items and King's Items). Metals and Gems must be refined into resources before they can be used to craft orders. Guild cards are crafted on the 3rd phase of your turn and then completed on the 2nd phase of the next turn.

There are four phases of the game; Refine Resource cards, Complete Guild card, Actions (6), Draw cards. Refine metal and gem cards by turning cards 180 degrees into refined resources. Then, all Guild cards crafted on the player’s previous turn are now complete and can be used. There are six repeatable Actions in the game: Play a card, Craft a Guild card, Move or Swap a card, Buy a card from another player or from the warehouse, Discard a Guild card and Sell Resource cards. At the end of the player’s turn, the player must draw four cards but cannot exceed their hand limit. Lastly, straighten any tilted cards placed into the player's market on their turn.

Play continues until one Player has completed four King's Orders, or either the Guild or Mine decks run out, and then all players get one last turn. Resources are sold from the player's market and then the King's Orders are revealed, bonus coins are given for the highest valued King‘s Item (for each subtype). Count up your coins and the player with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

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