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I like vegetables so that part is nice but I'm starting to feel like maybe we have too many vegetable games and need to PARE them down. The little bins are adorable but a nightmare to get the veggies out of. I'm interested to see what the artist does as he gets more experience. The game certainly looks nice but parts of the art feel like My First Digital Art Board Game and I think he'll go on to do better work.


Take a tiny subsection of Agricola and marry it to some pretty unfortunate graphic design (from a usability perspective) and you've got Reykholt.


19EUR from ESSEN


Oddly simple gameplay hiding... not much else? Perhaps best for players unfamiliar with Uwe Rosenburgs better offerings, or players new to the genre of Euros.


An OK game. A fault is that everybody is working on the exact same goals to advance and it seems that most players will always end up within a space of each other unless they really don't know how to play it. There may be some optimal strategies but overall I don't think it would want to be replayed over and over. I prefer Harvest for a farming themed WP game.


Essen Pickup - Paid