Commands & Colors: Ancients

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For a fairly simple game, it seemed there was a lot of referencing the player aids--just so many unit types. Not a bad game, but I miss the terrain of M'44.


I liked Memoir '44 a lot until I played this game. Memoir doesn't really do justice to the time period it's trying to simulate. C&C ancients feels like an ancients battle when I play it. Memoir feels like a game about a WWII battle. More diverse unit types makes this game more desirable to me.


Wish I had an opponent to play this with more often.


by paka

Wanna play more, rating after few more. 1st reaction - diffrent from Napoleonics as the armies act, but seems good like the last iteration.


Very fun, light wargame. However, I have serious doubts that this is better--or even as good as--BattleLore. Sure, it's more historical, but that doesn't really turn my crank. It has two serious faults next to BL; first, it has too many troop types for its own good, which contributes to rules creep and detail fatigue. Second, since support is less important, so too are formations--leader movement just isn't as interesting for me in comparison. Also, I have heard that scenarios are about as balanced as those of Memoir--which is to say, not at all. Time will tell.


Interesting mechanics, unimpressive quality components


Classic, fun, accessible to new players but fun for seasoned wargamers.


I think the C&C system is great, so I'm not sure why this game fell flat for me. The units seem arbitrary and theme-less. Always felt like I was moving the "white outlined triangle ranged guy" moreso than whatever the unit actually was. Constant chart referral. Awful components with terrible artwork. Yawn. Give me Memoir or BattleLore.


I didn't think I would be a fan of a blocks game (despite some people saying this isn't a block game), but I love it. It doesn't hurt to be an old history buff either.


The most out-and-out fun game I own.