Voodoo Prince

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GAMEPLAY Voodoo Prince is a voodoo/Caribbean-themed trick taker that follows the same template as many in the genre: players follow suit (in VP suits are defined by color) and trump color cards beat non-trumps regardless of the value. Pretty bog standard until you get to the twists. When players go out (defined by a certain number of won tricks depending on player count), they get 1 point per every trick taken on the table. However, because the last player to go out only gets points for the tricks they have won, it’s best to be the penultimate player to go out. 0s always beat the highest card in a suit, and if a player wins with a 5 or 7, the magic of voodoo actually splits the trick into two wins instead of just one. THOUGHTS It’s been a good long while since I’ve played a trick taker; modern board games have made me forget the more pedestrian Euchre and Hearts and all the other card games I leaned on for enjoyable pastimes. But now, with the surfeit of games, I find myself listing back toward simple card games with fun mechanics. VP provides familiar ground for new players while adding cool twists and turns to keep veteran trick-taking players interested. Score! PROS -The “going out” mechanic is such a simple addition but makes for a great deal of interesting play. -The 0 and 5/7 rules add a welcome amount of spice to make for some tense moments. NEUTRALS -I wouldn’t have minded one more special number rule a la 0 and 5/7 to take it up one more notch. CONS -The artwork has grown on me but some of the caricatures are still kind of offensive. There feels like there should have been a more tactful way to handle this. -I added some cubes from another game to more easily assess players’ won tricks. The game would have been better served if it had come with some chits or markers for this purpose.


Beastly and clever little trick taker that fits nicely into 20 minutes. Finishing second to last has never been so rewarding or challenging. Earned the guild's award for the year.