Tiny Towns

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It is rare I rate a game so highly after only playing it a couple of times. But this game was excellent. I think it even has loads of staying power. Time will tell, but for now, this strikes an excellent chord and is easy to teach, surprisingly deep, and loads of replayability.


Played this twice, once with 4 players and once with 5. Played with my kids and with my wife at the higher player count. My oldest (12) got the hang of it and beat me by 1 point. My youngest (7) understood the concept of building, but not how to maximize the point scoring. Still they enjoyed it and I think it is a quick, fun filler game. You could easily setup and break this game down if you wanted to do multiple plays in a single night.


Like Azul, this to me will become a modern day classic. It's simple enough to teach to anyone, but there are wonderful gameplay decisions that make you want to play over and over!


Pretty neat and fun, though really seems to burn my brain at times trying to plan everything out ahead of time, only to be thwarted by one errant resource. Also my copy smells heavily of burnt wood.


easy to teach, easy to play ... play time around 45 minute... quite enjoy it but found it lack of something too ..


Easy to teach with good depth.


by sky

One play (5p). We played with the base rules and it did not meet my expectations. I read that the Town Hall rules improve the game, which I will try the next time I play (although I have no urge to play it at this point).


Feather light spacial game with a clever mechanism for determining what resource everyone has to place. Cute, cleanly designed, and fun, but in being so broadly appealing it lacks a hook. That said I'm only 5 games in so my opinion may change.




It's like puzzle with virtually endless replayability and scalability. (There are a lot of combinations of buildings and, as long as you have player boards and pieces, you can play with as many people as you want.)


One of the more fun spatial games I have played. Also a bit cut throat with the ability to call things you know will hurt your opponents.


A little too abstract and light for me. I have a hard time visualizing the layout my cubes need to be in.


I would say this is pretty great for what it is. Reminds me a lot of tetris. I like the building and the combo scoring.


Something about this game really appeals to us. The art on the cards, the little buildings, everything. We don't love the town hall option.


Best: 1-5 Time: 45-60 Min Weight: 2.14


by hana

Too much AP resulting in higher down time than desired, more brain burning that I would've liked for a fun group game which definitely outstayed its welcome. Prefer quicker with more social interaction games like Between Two Castles, Libertalia, 7 wonders.


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This game felt like a great set of puzzles and outplaying your opponent. Making the city was great and we immediately played it again after the first round