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Good for gamers and non gamers alike


A good easy tile layer that I never win


We show how to play here:


Absolutely stunning. High quality components, quick games, and fantastic scoring guidelines. Love this game.


Great game. Just right for my wife and I. One of the first games we played almost every night for the first few weeks after we got it.The boys like it too. I expect this will remain a favourite for a long time.


I'm very impressed by this game. It is one of the few times a new game has come out for me and lived up to the hype. Very easy to teach, very easy and quick to play, and very fast. It's also quite good with all player counts. However, two player is exceptional. Four player is the worst I think, but it's still very good. Haven't tried three yet, but I think that would be quite a good compromise between two and four. Same as reef encounter in that regard I think!


Fun game, not sure how many plays it will be before getting stale.


What a wonderful execution of an abstract game with such elegant artwork. I love playing in 2-player mode so that the discarded tiles won't be reshuffled.


This gotta be one the most enjoyable and beautiful abstract puzzle game game out there. The components are amazing and game play is so simple and elegant. It is a joy to play everytime.


Weight: 1.81 / 5Includes second custom bag for tiles - to be used in place of discard trayIncludes first player tileIncludes Joker TilesIncludes blue and red promo tiles


Designer: Michael KieslingPublisher: Plan B gamesPlayer count: 2-4Weight: Light Medium Mechanics: Tile layingSetting/theme: Abstract strategy / PortugalPlay time: 30-45 minutesFor my review (Dutch) please refer to:


Great beginner's game. possibly the easiest game we own and yet still fun for experienced gamers. Satisfying tableau builder with exponential points. Very pretty




I was all like, "hype hype hype" about Azul and totally wrote it off. It's not just hype though - when I finally gave in the game clicked immediately, figuratively as well as literally. The sound and feel of those tiles! The game has been a universal hit for us and quickly became a standard other games are measured by. The puzzle is easy to learn but fun and difficult to solve and the interactions are entertaining.


Very fast-paced abstract game with drafting. Simple rules, beautiful production. Not quite as amazing as it's made out to be but a very solid filler. I slightly prefer the puzzle in Sanssouci from the same designer.


MAN, what a great game. There's something lovely about the tactility of the tiles, hearing them clack together in your hands, and then putting them together in beautiful patterns on your player board. Mechanically, it's not the smoothest game (the sequel, Stained Glass of Sintra flows a bit better), but the strategy of which tiles to choose both for right now, and for what you'll need in the future, is fun to work through. Plus, it's just so pretty. Glad it's in my collection.


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Gifted by BGG Secret Santa - Steve the Elf! (2018)


Highly recommend this. Good for any type of player and also very good gateway game.


Fun and pretty, would definitely need to play again.


I fail to see how this is anything more than pretty and inoffensive.


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Decent abstract with more depth than expected.


12/11/17:This game will be in the rotation with Splendor and CSR when we have family game nights


I'm amazed how easy it was to tell the tiles apart. While not color-blind, I often have problems seeing differences between cards and tokens in games. This is very well done!




I love this games because it has a pretty simple rule set, is easy to teach, and has a good mix of luck of the draw and decision making. Player interaction is minimum in the sense that the only way you mess up other players is by taking the tiles they were planning on taking, however, this happens more often than you would think!




Nice enough, but not compelling.


EUR 26,84 from AMAZON


The more I play this game, the more I like it.


This one is great. It isn’t too tough to teach but it starts to get pretty difficult by the end of the game. If you like puzzles you’ll like this one. May 2019 $18.99


We enjoyed this more than we thought we would. Typically abstracts are not our first choice of games but Azul was engaging and interactive enough for keep us interested. It can be an extremely mean game though, especially with just 2 players. Would play again, but probably only with 3 or 4 since the negative points can be spread around a bit more.


This is a medium length abstract game about laying fancy tile patterns somewhere in Portugal. I have only played once, but first impressions are very good. Apparently this was game of the Year last year.


Simple. Colourful. Quick to play.


Very fun and relatively quick abstract game. Easy to teach and simple to grasp. There’s just something magical about the feel and sound of handling those Starburst tiles!


We are really enjoying this abstract game.


1.6.17 I thought Azul was going to be Sagrada times 11 but it turns out it was just... fine. In Azul's defense, it does make for more player interaction than Sagrada, especially at higher player counts. But sometimes, there is very little to do and you can just get hosed because people chose one group of tiles and you got caught in the wrong seat.


Best: 2-3 Time: 30-45 Min Weight: 1.80


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Highly recommended game, seems like it could be interesting


So elegant and beautiful. My only criticism is that the boards look like they will warp pretty easy.


Excellent abstract which balances multiplayer solitaire with watching your opponents' boards like a hawk.


A good looking, easy to teach strategy game. This is a game you can enjoy with gamers of all levels. The set up time is really short and the explanation won't take long. This game is a winner all around.