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This one is great. It isn’t too tough to teach but it starts to get pretty difficult by the end of the game. If you like puzzles you’ll like this one. May 2019 $18.99


We enjoyed this more than we thought we would. Typically abstracts are not our first choice of games but Azul was engaging and interactive enough for keep us interested. It can be an extremely mean game though, especially with just 2 players. Would play again, but probably only with 3 or 4 since the negative points can be spread around a bit more.


This is a medium length abstract game about laying fancy tile patterns somewhere in Portugal. I have only played once, but first impressions are very good. Apparently this was game of the Year last year.


Simple. Colourful. Quick to play.


Very fun and relatively quick abstract game. Easy to teach and simple to grasp. There’s just something magical about the feel and sound of handling those Starburst tiles!


We are really enjoying this abstract game.


1.6.17 I thought Azul was going to be Sagrada times 11 but it turns out it was just... fine. In Azul's defense, it does make for more player interaction than Sagrada, especially at higher player counts. But sometimes, there is very little to do and you can just get hosed because people chose one group of tiles and you got caught in the wrong seat.


Best: 2-3 Time: 30-45 Min Weight: 1.80


Highly recommended game, seems like it could be interesting


So elegant and beautiful. My only criticism is that the boards look like they will warp pretty easy.


Excellent abstract which balances multiplayer solitaire with watching your opponents' boards like a hawk.


A good looking, easy to teach strategy game. This is a game you can enjoy with gamers of all levels. The set up time is really short and the explanation won't take long. This game is a winner all around.


Abstract strategy


A good (and very pretty) little spatial/math abstract puzzle. The pool drafting provides some interesting indirect player interaction.


Cindy broke and bought this before I did. I started lukewarm on it and have enjoyed it more after each play. The sweet spot is, weirdly, right around 3 players. You have enough control to hate draft (unlike 4p) without it being entirely hate drafting (2p). I'll still play it at whatever count though.


Really enjoyable abstract game.



No need to sleeve


Quick to learn and play. I really like the design of the tiles too. Wife and I recently had our first baby also so simple and short games like this are always a great find


An interesting, puzzle-y abstract game with some good decisions. At two players it often leaves you with many more negative tiles than higher players but is still an engaging puzzle to solve. The production quality—especially the plastic tiles—is stellar.


This game is best as a zero-sum 2p cage fight. The triangulation of the extra players blunts what makes this game so interesting. I stop short of saying I refuse to play it at 3-4p, but there are countless fillers I would rather play with more than two.


This game is a great abstract game to get into. The components are beautiful with each of the tiles, and somehow leveraging the same exact tiles each game yields interesting strategies depending on how they come out of the bag. It requires a lot of hate-drafting to stick your opponents with the worst possible tiles to take.


Mostly have played with 2. Its a fun game. Easy enough to play with park&rec or the office on in the background.


Azul sky rocketed into my top 10 in a heartbeat thanks to its smooth game-play, qualitative and aesthetic components and the short playtime. A great family-weight game for those in love with Qwirkle type of games.


2018-07-29 - Initial rating 7.5


You can really get screwed in this game, but it's a really good filler for my group. Really gets you thinking and has some fun 'take that' moments.


Beautiful components, smooth gameplay, a little take-that, a deserved Spiel-des Jahres. I would play two or three times in a row!


Good game. Family like this.


It's colourful, it's extremely satisfying from a tactile point of view, it's also a great puzzle! Plus it's Canadian!


Fun, fast, accessible, pretty.


I enjoy pool drafting games, and Azul is no exception. Chasing adjacent tile placements is the main consideration, but the end game scoring opportunities can be highly lucrative as well. Like most drafting games, evaluating the needs of your opponents is critical to success and adds a second layer of critical thinking. The tile penalty for over-drafting is too punishing as the affected player often has little control over such a circumstance. Being as streamlined as it is, I have doubts regarding my long term interest, but game has great tactility and remains accessible to just about anyone.


Birthday 2018 from Ruth et al.




Solid game with great components. Flows nicely. I'm not exactly sure what all the fuzz is about but great game nonetheless. Seems to be lacking a bit of depth for my taste.


In Germany


I played this 13 times in the first two days. It's my new go to for players who are new gamers!