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This game is so bad. Bad rulebook, bad dice. Cute presentation tries to cover a brutal and boring xp


Pirate Racing Fun


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This game is AWESOME! I enjoy that they took a mechanic that has been around forever and just made it better. I enjoy that this game is a roll and move, but its completely different. Trying to race for the treasure and trying to be the first to reach that space is awesome, and I love the battle system in the game it just adds so much to the game. Get ready in a 6 player game though, battling is going to be every turn!


Simply great!


Above average components overall, but the cards are simply astoundingly good. The game is silly, random, and chaotic--simultaneous action programmation coupled with random draws and lots of dice. But it's not too long, and it does what it does.


Having seen this on some top 100 lists I was surprised it wasn’t better. But it may just not work as a 2 player. So we’ll check back on it later and possibly revise.


Kids love it = I love it.


She went of her own accord!! Boom, Boom. I love the look of this game and with 3 or more it makes for a fun race but it's easy to forget you're meant to be racing and get too involved in piracy. I always do that and get left far behind.


Not much beyond a filler I think but it's more than capable of fulfilling that role. The artwork is great, especially how the player cards form a long picture if placed correctly on the table. Enough choices to actually be making choices but not enough that anyone should suffer from AP. 2014-03-08 It's too long for me to still call it a filler but there's not enough involved to make it something I want to play most nights.


Thanks AUS/NZ Secret Santa. This game has earned itself a spot on my limited game shelf space. I honestly LOVE this game in the first two plays.


Fun Game. Lite but with a little strategy. Great game with 5 or 6.


This game has a lot going for it, but it needs a little help. At it's core, Jamaica is just a beefed up, roll and move, racing game. There's a few decisions to make, but nothing to write home about. You need to add a little bit to make Jamaica work. Simply sitting down at the table, and staring at the board the whole game will make it seem quite dry and boring. You need to talk in pirate voices, goad other players into fighting you, cheer when you take the lead, etc. Nothing over the top, just add a little excitement to this game to make it come to life, and it works great!


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family fun game


Xmas 2013 present from the wife. Played 2 player. Best with 4 or more players.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/jamaica-2007/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/jamaica-2007-accessibility-teardown/


This game is a ton of fun. Card management, resource management, great art, great flavor, and all in a family game style. It's a little too advanced for lil'uns but actually a lot of fun for adults. I think the target age should be a bit higher than 8 but kids are smarter these days, so what do I know!? Big plus, the packaging. You open the box and everything has its own space to go which is rare these days, no tokens flopping around or guessing how to pack your game up. I know that's not a reason to buy or check a game out, but other publishers could take a lot from that!


Super fun race around the board game. It’s really simple with not to many complex decisions. We expect it’ll be really great to play with the kiddo.


Super fun race around the board game. It’s really simple with not to many complex decisions. We expect it’ll be really great to play with the kiddo.


One of the all time greatest racing games. Really fun with 3-5 players. Not great with two.


Nice quick little game


Lush board. Lush components. Just a race game though. Not one for me to play again. Maybe it's me but I feel that all the new games with the riot of colours is too much. I would like game boards that are a bit more desaturated and allow me to focus on the game rather than on the prettiness of it all.


Our only racing game. Bought it for one of our quieter players who LOVES pirates. She loves this game. Watching her get animated makes the game play that much better. Edit: We've been finding the game play in this one lacking as of late. Not because it's a bad game, it was just and early addition when we were newer to the hobby. May be looking at Black Fleet to replace it.


A good racing type game that also has some simplistic battling. The artwork and theme fit beautifully and it's a game you can play with pretty much anyone without any trouble.


(10/16) 7. (10/17) 7. So much fun in a box. A great gateway plus game to introduce to people new to the hobby. Fantastic race game.


An entertaining race around the island!