The Pyramid's Deadline


In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh has sent for the most gifted architects in his realms. As one of the chosen architects, you have to try to build the most remarkable grave site for your pharaoh-but if your goal is too lofty, or you are too slow, and the pharaoh dies before you finalize the monument, you will be executed. Can you surpass the others, complete it in time, and become the most glorious architect in Egypt?

In this game, every player has to build a pyramid through choosing the right stones. The Pyramid's Deadline is a mixture of a tactical game and a puzzle, and each player has to try to surpass the others by building a pyramid out of five kinds of stones. Since every player can only take one stone from a limited supply each round, you have to be careful. It is not always possible to get the stone you would like!

The players' decisions have influence on the lifespan of the pharaoh. This is why it is possible to calculate your remaining time. But be careful: Sometimes, there is this one player who suddenly decides to actively shorten the pharaoh's lifespan...just when you felt safe.

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