GOSU Goblin Supremacy Card Game

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I only thought this was okay. Some of the cards were funny, and the game was clever to a degree, but it just wasn't all that compelling.


by paka

Like it quite a bit actualy. On the other hand it seems to have this learning-curve during which the game really seems to drag. Also, I'd say don't play this game with more than 2 while your not comfortable with the cards and system still.


Very fun game, but the art is terrible (at least, not my taste). So bad that if we ever get the time we're going to re-theme this for ourselves so we don't cringe every time we play.


This game bumps higher on my list because the card art is just amazing.


This needs to hit the table again. It's not bad, but I found it unsatisfying.


Now this is good. Pretty easy to learn as the rules are very simple. The way that cards interact is not so simple and once you start to see a few combos that's when the evilness, giggling and a little bit of AP can kick in. Keeping track of your opponents cards is important and not so easy as the text is pretty small but this game is great, beautiful to look at and should be in your cupboard ready to hit the table at any time. Excellent.


Gosu is an interesting game. You start with 7 cards, play one of those for free, and the rest have to be in a suit you've already played down or they'll cost you two more cards. You have two activation tokens to use at your discretion before each "Great Battle", and while these can be used to draw cards, many card effects require their use as well. The card effects are, of course, what make the game. These effects are triggered when you play an activation token on the card, or when the card is played, or when the card is mutated, or they may provide a constant "rule change" effect to just yourself or all players. You can remove cards other people have played out through these card effects, flip them over until the end of the next "Great Battle", and make opponents discard cards from their hand. Since the play area is 3 lines of 5 columns for a total of 15 possible cards (it's not often someone has 15 cards out during the game, though), later in the game you'll want to play cards down but find that you simply don't have any more room for a level 1 card (since you already have 5 out). This is where the mutate power comes in. It's kind of expensive, but it lets you do stuff late in the game that you might not ordinarily want to do. Potentially you may want to use a card effect to destroy one of YOUR cards just so it's less expensive to play out another one from your hand. Hand management is key in this game, and you almost always feel a dearth of cards. Gosu is fun to play, and the wheels of your mind are always turning to see how you can possibly use the cards in your hand to best effect. And once you have a plan in mind, along comes your opponent who forces you to discard a card and now you don't have enough to do what you want to do. Or you do that to him =)