Glory: A Game of Knights


In Glory: A Game of Knights, you are a young knight, whose sole goal is to become famous. You will earn your fame through tournaments, noble titles or minstrels singing about your deeds. Each turn, you spend your precious time doing actions like training, gathering allies, praying or selling your sword. You will also fight for ransom or visit your beloved lady. Prepare yourself for being a champion able to challenge other players as well as the most famous nobles across the Europe of 15th century.

Glory is a game designed by two medieval reenactors, who want to tell you a story of a knight's life in the language of a board game. The key design concepts are:

  • two main modes for different experience and player types - with or without pvp combat
  • worker-placement-like preparation phase,
  • quest phase based on gathered quest cards,
  • tournaments as a main source of victory points,
  • duels as a fast mini-game
  • titles to gather as a secondary source of victory points - public and private - changing with every game.

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