Wrasslin' is a quick-playing strategy card game that simulates the rough and tumble world of professional wrestling. Wrestlers of varying size, skill, and disposition wreak havoc upon one another by playing various Hold cards to batter their opponents senseless en route to a quick fall or submission.

Each of the 24 wrestlers has his own unique set of abilities (Strength, Agility, Skill, Weight, Recovery, etc.) that determine what he can do in that spotlit ring on your table at home. Using Action Cards depicting a variety of holds - both legal and illegal - you must use your wrestler's strengths to their best advantage and minimize his liabilities in order to overcome your opponent. Victory depends solely on your skill in using your wrestler's abilities and the Action Cards that come your way.

Play is fast and furious; most matches last but a few minutes. This is a simple, light-hearted, yet challenging game - ideal for family or social events, and for those rainy days when the lastest ringside seat at the arena isn't available. Whether you are a fan of the glittering world of pro wrestling, or a skeptic, you've just got to crawl into that ring at least once. And you can do so Wrasslin'.

Handicap, Tag Team and Battle Royale rules allow any number to play. Hold your own tournament to crown the champion of your own Weird Wrassling Federation.

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