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My favorite bidding game. While I'm not a fan of auction mechanics, adding the spacial aspect to the process really made it interesting. I also love that it plays in under an hour and only takes a few minutes to teach. Setup is mildly annoying because all the tokens need to be put out in specific spots, but even that only takes a couple minutes.


GAMEPLAY Players are urban developers proposing the location for the city’s next big skyscraper. On your turn, you choose one colored area to put down either a numbered skyscraper that ranges in size from small, medium, or large. Your opponent to your left has to either pass or put a higher numbered skyscraper in an area adjacent to your skyscraper. Play continues like this until everyone has passed. The winner flips their skyscraper over to hide the number, takes any tokens on the area, and begins another proposal in an unclaimed area. Play continues until one player has played all their skyscrapers. VPs are earned (or lost!) from tokens, secret goal cards, and district majorities. THOUGHTS Metropolys is so quick and so simple that it borders on being a filler, but what a borderline filler! It’s hard to see what a good move is in the beginning of a game or where a skyscraper will finally go up on the board, but by the end, when most of the areas are claimed and you know your opponents’ secret goal cards, you agonize over every proposal. And the trash talking is extremely rude and funny. My only gripe is the board—a cluttered mess of desaturated earth tones. PROS -Easy to teach and quick to play. -Choices, at least in the beginning, are opaque. Yes, the game is an interesting and enjoyable experience from start to finish. -Lots of trash talking as well as innuendo, like “chub” and “biggun”. -Box and token art are done in a gorgeous art nouveau style. -Nice that they included a family version and an advanced version, but I would only ever play with the advanced version. CONS -Board and card art are the Hyde to the box art’s Jekyll. It really looks like someone splashed globs of leaden paint and called it good. The design can hinder game play a bit for first timers but, otherwise, it’s not a problem. -I wish there were a few more goal cards to mix things up from game to game.


Basically a game of chicken, trying to manipulate people into bidding into areas you don't really want with their higher bids, but your opponents have their own hidden goals which makes actual influencing nigh on impossible, except in maybe a 2p game.


Meh. Nice pieces. But I am not good at this kind of game.


One of my favorite recent bidding games. However, I'd like to kick the art director square in the trendy region.