Forbidden Stars

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This is a great, no, amazing game of space conquest! If you can find 3-4 players to play this with you will never be sorry. It is my favorite space conquest game. Even without the 40k flavor it stands tall as an outstanding experience.






I like this game, but it's way too long. Also, the downtime during combat for players not involved in the battle is a huge issue for me.


More fiddly than we thought going in. Very thematic, but too long.


One of my top 10 games easily. Has lots of Game of Thrones the board game flavor mechanically. I love how short it is while still offering deep and thematic gameplay and very interesting decisions. Lots of guessing what other players will do with their secret orders. LOVE IT. 40k has to be one of my favorite universes, but this game would still be very solid, even with a different theme.


Forbidden Stars has me full of mixed feelings. The order mechanism is incredible; orders are played from the bottom up, but are resolved top down, which emphasizes careful planning, timing, and cunning. The combat resolution is notable as well, as a series of well played combat cards will go a long way in mitigating the luck of the roll, and turning the tides of battle. Unfortunately, this combat comes at a cost; time, and the same can be said for most aspects of the game. Forbidden Stars is undeniably well designed and fun to play, but it is plagued by length. I don't find its strengths to warrant several hours of play, but for those interested in an intriguing space opera war game, Forbidden Stars is likely the best.


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