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Looks good on the table.


In the interest of full disclosure, I was one of the many who backed this game while it was on Kickstarter, so go ahead and assume whatever you want about my biases based on that. I bought a fat stack of minis, and got a decent game as a bonus. As the name implies, there's very little horror and a lot of zombie-shooting, zombie-smashing, and zombie-chainsawing. As a Left 4 Dead player, I approve. The rulebook isn't great, and there are some minor rules ambiguities, and some rules I just don't care for, but it's FUN, dammit. Too many tiny plastic zombies for it to not be. EDIT: Really wish they had rules for playing with 7 or more players for us Kickstarter folks. I've got 9 heroes, with more on the way, but the game gets too easy if I play with more than 6? EDIT: OK, the first rating (8) was good for the first scenario, but after playing a few of the others, going to have to downgrade this a bit. Scenario 1 has you scavenging around a town for necessary foodstuffs to help the group last in the post-apocalyptic world. It's hard, and tense, but in the way that all good co-ops are hard. It's also a very long scenario. After trying several other scenarios, it almost feels like Scenario 1 was the one that the game was built for, and the rest are all afterthoughts. Afterthoughts that have neither the challenge nor the fun factor of the game we thought we were playing. I'll try the rest of them, since I've seen the game's potential. I'm keeping an eye out for fan-built scenarios, and might build some of my own, but some of these scenarios that come with the game are just poorly designed.


I'm not super into the Zombies theme, and it has a similar problem to Pandemic and other co-op games where the most experienced player just ends up telling everyone else what to do. Although it may be even worse than that, since Zombicide doesn't have as much of a puzzle to it as Pandemic, so it's actually usually immediately obvious to everyone what the "best" thing to do is, making it not actually much of a game. I've heard the expansion/sequel attempts to fix this problem a bit, but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet.