Enter the magical workforce as a nomadic wizard, wandering the fields and valleys to complete spell jobs. What is the ultimate goal? The greatest reward of all: fame.

As one of these enterprising wizards in Wizards Wanted, you must gather magical experience and coins for your work. Resourcefulness is essential as you pick up helpful mushrooms, buy magical dust from tricky pixies, and navigate the twisted paths and teleportation stones. But don't meander too much. You need to be in good standing with the Royal Palace and earn your Spell License by the end of the game, so get to work!

1 Game Board
4 Wizard Pawns
4 Score Markers
4 Player Boards
1 Forest Pixie
1 Traveling Mountain Pixie
19 Spell License Cards
34 Spell Job Cards
1 Royal Inspector Card
5 Royal Seal Tokens
16 Charm Tokens
28 Mushroom Tokens
64 Pixie Dust Gems
41 Coins

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