Concordia, res parvae crescunt. Discordia, maximae dilabuntur.
In Concord, smaller things grow. In Discord, greater things decay.

Vera Discordia is a fantasy warfare print&play cardgame for 2 players licensed with a Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivative). It will be first published in Spanish, followed by an English translation. Behind this project there's a team of 7 illustrators, 2 graphic artists, a dozen of playtesters and a designer/coordinator, all working for personal satisfaction.

Vera Discordia is not collectible, but modular. Each module will bring more armies to play with, for a total of 8 different armies. Epic and multiplayer variants will also be published.

Vera Discordia plays on an imaginary board, and its army decks are fixed: there is no deck building, so you'll have to prove your skills in the battlefield. Assign orders to your troops, use Terrain in your favor, Maneuver, Support, close your lines and try to break through enemy lines. Launch direct attacks, arrow salvoes or unexpected flying attacks in order to decimate the opposing forces or capture the enemy General.

Vera Discordia takes place in an unique fantasy setting. Take command of the spiritual Nir and their faerical allies, the Gardarek demon-worshipping barbarians, the strict Akeyrith and their celestial cohorts, the unfathomable Shogh made of pure Darkness, the reckless Zleradainn and their bloody rituals, the wild Falkaethe and their birds of prey companions, the ancient empire of Iskelond and their refined tecnoalchemy, or the exotic Drakaethe dragonriders and their skilled assassins.

Welcome to the Age of Discord.

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Vera Discordia

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