Here I Stand

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Great game, but impractically long, which reduces my rating.


by paka

Rating after 4turn learning game. Could go up more from here.


I'm very, very glad I played. If this game could reliably clock in at 4-5 hours, it would have a serious shot at being my favourite game. It's got options, depth, fluidity, and theme out the wazoo. But... -although the diplomacy has some very clever bits (sue for peace is brilliant, bribes are great), having to declare war is often prohibitive--if you've got 3 or 4 cards in hand, ditching 1 or 2 so you can walk somewhere and/or bash the leader is not a good option. So, many turns (which can take 3 hours), you've got nothing to do because you didn't.couldn't declare war on the right person. -card advantage can get nuts; if one power has 3 cards, and other power 12, the game will not be fun for all parties. -swingy luck; one cards gives you 2 VPs (WTF?), you can get really lucky exploring the New World, and sometimes you gte dealt a hand of 1-2 CP cards. Maybe I should try one of the later scenarios, but currently I can say despite its moments of brilliance I would not be disappointed to never play Here I Stand again. Besides, Successors is just ever so much better.


Based on one playing. Seemed to take too long and some players did not have enough to do.