Founders of Gloomhaven

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Fiddly. AP-prone. Massive timesuck in computing the consequences of the tedious trickle-down scoring mechanics results in many-minutes-long turns. Adjacency rules are fiddly and slightly different for different buildings.


Uffda. Not sure about this one. The idea of Concordia + Terra Mystica, etc seems great, but this just seemed overly complicated. With so many good games, and such little time to play, this is destined to be a casualty of our collection.


Not too confusing as some might say, just play a practice session and everything will click by the end. Me and Wife had lots of fun! Will play with 4 players soon, cant wait to see how that makes the game different. Fun Game!


need to re-adjust rating after a few plays


It's the Great Zimbabwe/Concordia mash-up that nobody asked for! This is an excellent example of a game that iterates on older ideas in a way that makes them far worse while managing to add nothing new. Furthermore, it's nigh on impossible to read the game state since the graphic design features form way, WAY over any semblance of usable function. It make look nice to railbirds, but to the people sitting around the table, the board is an inscrutable mess. This game is impressive in the worst possible way.


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