6 Nimmt!

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THIS won the DSP? Wow. Too random and pointless for my tastes, even for a filler; random play can trump careful play. Bad, bad sign in my book.


3-10 30 min


This is a filler that can, quite literally, steal the show! This should be the game you play right after playing something else that falls flat. Just so everyone feels like they had a good time and hopefully eraser the memory of the bad one. This could and likely should bump up to a 10. But I will wait to get multiple plays in before deciding on that. Can't wait to get it to the table again.


A good enough game when you have a lot of people. It's fairly quick and easy to teach. I'm not a big fan of it personally because it seems too random, but it is fun in the moment.


A fast and fun party filler from the mind of none other than the great Wolfgang Kramer.


A couple of friends came by one night with this and while I did well in the first round I lost badly from that point on. I don't know why I did so poorly after I actually "got" the game.


I have a strong bias for boardgames over cardgames. This is especially evident here, where I vastly prefer Tanz der Hornochsen over 6 nimmt! Objectively, I can understand why folks might prefer this cardgame. But from my heart - i want the boardgame version instead.


Easy teach. Lots of laughs.


Light, fun, and can be a good bit of swingy fun.


Fun, quick, mindless card game. Excellent for introducing new games to a crowd. It plays with up to 10 players. This was our "lunchtime game" for quite some time.


People say it doesn't matter what card you play. I say they are wrong. Even if that was the case, it is still fun.


1.9.18 Many better card games have come out that take the same amount of time and are more interesting (eg, Arboretum, Parade, Matryoshka) but it's still fun to learn a new game. And a classic at that!


King of the fillers at higher player counts. Bonus points for being usable to play other games! You'll never be bored with a 6 nimmt deck on hand.


A fun filler game that can accommodate a surprisingly high player count. There is some tactical choice to be made in terms of hanging onto high or low cards. It's easy to teach and plays quickly.


Fun filler. 2008-03-14: Rating upgraded from 7 to 8. This game is much better with 6; much tighter. 2008-11-25: Moved game entry to "Slide 5", which is the version I have.


2-10, 45m


Very tactical game of probability and guessing.


I love this game. Broad appeal.


A delightfully chaotic romp. There is not much to latch onto in terms of strategy, but 6 nimmt! is incredibly light and fast, and full of friendly outbursts. Recommended strongly at the higher player counts as play becomes even more unpredictable and jovial.


(10/16) 7. Find that I like this more than most people, though I don't necessarily love it. I really like how quick it is and how well it accommodates a lot of players. And I like the little bit of push your luck/guess your friend's cards aspect. (9/17) Drop to 6. A game that I think I like more than most so it's a bit hard to get a game going.