Batman Fluxx

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Perhaps I should've read a couple of reviews before picking up, yet another themed Fluxx. But after listening to a podcast about the game while it was still a concept, it was implied that creepers were out of this copy. This is not the case at all! The villains are the creepers (but of course they are)! And there is no mention in the rules that the heroes can only win if all villains are off the table! Even more disappointing, was an oversight on my part. One of my favorite things to do is sleeve my new card game(s). I've stocked up on typical MtG-sized penny sleeves, only to be reminded that Fluxx cards use Dominion-sized cards. Boo.... at least It's still playable. I'll just have to watch out for snackers in my gaming group... ** (I get so rilednup sometimes. Ok, the "new, in-game rules change cards address the cool winning conditions. It still may be fun and fresh. I'll update the rating after a couple of plays of this latest theme.