Catan Dice Game

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This is interesting. I'm quite pleased with it for the price and time. I'm playing the regular rules solo at lunch and breaks at work. Don't know how long that would last. I've printed off some cards in color for the more catan like multiplayer game. I'd like to give that a shot or two.But like I said, for the price. You can't go wrong even if it's just for a few solo games against your own scores.


Custom dice, modicum of choices, the usual. It is 100% multiplayer solitaire, though, so adding players serves nothing but to increase downtime. [EDIT]...although I have not yet tried the designer's "plus" variant, which would remove the solitaire aspects.


An interesting take on the Catan game that plays quickly, has some interesting choices (surprisingly), and is a fun filler. Not a waste, by any means.


I've only played the basic game. Not enough Catan, too much Yachtzee. I will try the variant, and it may raise the rating slightly.


One play at Origins 2008. I'd like to try the variants.


1-4 players (best 1-2) 15 minutes


I've added the English rules as well. Initials on box lid, upper left corner.


by klz

Light and fun. Sort of like Yahtzee or Phase 10 but you feel like you have a little more control over things. Still a dice game at its heart.


There is not much more to this game than rolling dice.