Dungeon Roll

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I really wanted to like this game, but the gameplay is very disappointing. One of the few games that I am sorry that I Kickstarted.


Was fun when it was brand new. Then started seeing it as the multiplayer solitaire game it was.


6.5 After initial play and not knowing about the game before hand. First off, this is really only a 2 player game, 1 person dice questing, the other person , rolling for the monsters. Having said that, its quick and fun. With different starting abilities / character's to choose from, it has variety to increase replay value. Time will tell, as to whether the game itself does. For me, it has a feel similar to King of Tokyo, another quick push your luck dice game. Every dice you roll has a use, perhaps not the one you were looking for, but a use all the same. Additionally, you can mitigate your luck somewhat by using the special powers on the character card. After each level completed, you choose whether to continue to quest, or decide whether your party has been battered enough by the DM (Dice Master).


1-5 player 15 minutes


One of my early purchases. Decent push your luck game with a fantasy theme. Would probably play it again in the future. Might have out grown it.


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$9.95 - 13-Jan-16