Last Will

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Not a lot of new stuff here, but it works well and is nevertheless a fun game. Backwards from most Euros, as you are trying to spend your money wantonly and *not* make a profit in order to win. There is tension in shortage of actions as well as being blocked from some action spaces. You'll not be able to do everything you would like to do.


The 'Brewsters Millions' game. It is fun, and neat that it makes you think in exactly the opposite ways of the typical game, however, once you boil it back down, it's still same tired mechanics which make an alright game, but nothing special.


Weight: 2.70 / 5


Like the theme and the mechanisms. Just haven't had the itch to play it again though. Which is disappointing.


Cute theme, otherwise fairly unremarkable.


Only played once so far, and it seemed a little fiddly. Will need to give this another chance and see if my opinion of it goes up or not.


hay que gastar la mayor cantidad posible de plata , comprando caro y vendiendo barato, usando cartas de salir a comer, etc



The joke gets old pretty fast ("I took my dog to the movies, ha ha."), and the gameplay doesn't hold up after a couple plays. There's nothing in the game that makes it *feel* like you are actually losing money, it's just another way to keep track of VP.


I love the theme but the mechanics just don't jive with me for some reason. Maybe if I played more I'd appreciate it.


(3/17) 4. I feel confident that this game is probably better than the rating I gave it and I really like the "reverse" win condition where you need to spend all your money instead of accumulate it. That "buy high, sell low" mentality sure takes some getting used to! That said, the iconography on this game is a killer and really, really slowed things down. Also, I didn't find the worker placement options themselves too interesting. I'd be willing to give it another shot, but there are so many other great worker placement games out there. (10/17) 4.


This game makes my head hurt! In a good way that is. For some reason i have a hard time to get my mind to understand that i need to get rid of all the money.