Colt Express

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Easy to teach and learn.


2 player version was a total dud. Never got the chance to try it with more players.


Fun fun fun chaos on an old west train.


I mean, it's plenty fun, but the rules : depth ratio is pretty ridiculous. The train is awesome (albeit less functional than is ideal), and the terrain is great. But the decision space just doesn't seem to warrant the investment.


Fun action queuing/programming game. Everybody makes a selection of moves in a specific order at the same time. After all orders are placed, they resolve. Lots of laughs, easy to learn, supports a medium sized group. The theme is a nice little addition.


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This is a fun light game. I'd kinda given up on "programming" games up until this one, but it really seems to work. It's easy enough to teach, plays quickly, and keeps everyone entertained. There's some chaos to it, but its a manageable amount and the game isn't inherently competitive.


25EUR Used from GEEKMARKET Fun game, I call "movie like screenplay" game.... pure fun, no strategy.


Basically a rethemed Robo Rally, with similar amounts of frustration.


Light fun with action programming and a high player count. And how cool is that train.


Colt Express is a simple and very amusing action programming game set in a train heist on the wild west. Each player plays the role of a different robber with a special ability and they have to program their whole turn without knowing what the other players will be doing exactly, or at all. During the resolution phase, there are lots of hilarious moments like air punches and encounters with the marshall (and because of it, characters going up when they wanted to go down to pick up a case and vice-versa). Some may say that the game is overproduced. I won't argue that. I'll simply enjoy the result of that excess.


TRADED AWAY Fun little game, but not enough hidden information. In the end, the game comes down mostly to what cards you pick up. Shooting is less fun than it should be. Too much take that for the kids. Nice components, but not much fun for us.


Decent fun if you have a big group or players who are casual gamers. The pre-programmed nature of the game makes for a lot of randomness. Turn order and the instances when cards are played face down makes for a lot of luck. Also, as other's have mentioned elsewhere, there are characters, especially Cheyenne and Belle (and to a lesser degree Doc), whose abilities are far superior to the other characters. In the end, to make this game fun, you need to be playing with people who are in for a bit of randomness, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of getting into character!


Really fun game. I would play again for sure.


Semplice e divertente.



Quick, fun, visually appealing, thematic, chaotic. Those who like to control their entire strategy will be frustrated by this, but it is whoot holloring, gun shooting fun for half an hour.


Thank you secret santa this is crazy good goofball fun


2016-08-18 - Initial rating 6; Program moves and watch them unfold. 1st 3p play on BGA and it was fun. I would imagine this to be way more chaotic with 4+ ppl but I can see its appeal. Not a fan of shooting, punching or killing players/NPCs in general (e.g. Bang, Bloody Inn etc.) hence the lower rating. 2016-08-19- 3 more plays; yeah... not liking the programmed moves and having my plan thwarted; recording moves others make (via pen and paper) and then doing my moves means that these types of games are not for me; going on the trade/gift pile. 2016-07-17 - River Market - traded Pitch Car Mini + Extension 2016-09-04 - Gave away as a gift. 2018-03-15 - Bought CG




Colt Express has great table presence and embraces the shoot-from-the-hip style of programming. The tiered board establishes a theatrical air that immerses players in the chaos of a free-for-all train heist. The programming mechanic acts as the manifestation of this mayhem and asks players to predict and exploit their opponents next move. But placing the theatrics aside, Colt Express is a simple family game, so while great for many, there are no rich decision opportunities to inspire me.


(10/16) 6. Fun, unique game with wonderful components. I like it but don't find myself super eager to play it again necessarily. (10/17) Drop to 5. As with Roborally, the length of this game coupled with the fact that your best laid plans can be completely spoiled on a whim puts me off of it just a little bit.


A shit-ton of randomness in a very controlled way! Best way to describe this beauty.


Fun: 10 Brain Burning: 2 (Can be higher than 2 if you want :-) Complexity: 3 Engaging (Time between turns. High score is lower downtime): 8 AP Potential: 3 Puzzliness: 3 Variability: 7 Who Playing With Importance: 2 Filler (0) vs Full (10): 7 Paths to Victory (0 Few, 10 Many): 5 Play Complexity: 3 Rules Complexity: 3 Direct Interaction (0 Low, 10 High): 5 Indirect Interactn (0 Low, 10 High): 9 RATINGS: My First Play: 9 Multiple Plays: 9 OVERALL RATINGS FOR: Play with Kids: 10 Play with Kids & Adults: 10 Play with New/Low Key: 8 Play with Larger Group: 7 Play with 2 players: na Play with My Parents: 7 Play with 'Gamers': 8