Flip Ships

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1-4 players 30-45 minutes


Flip Ships allows you and any other partners tackle a fleet of space invaders that are quickly coming to take you out. This game allows you to flip punchout tokens at the invaders including a mother ship. The game offers multiple difficulty levels and can easily become overwhelming if you flake a turn or two. All in all this game is a great addition to all types of collections. It offers a wonderful introduction to less than common titles to a huge audience of non gamers. While ultimately starting with a simple timeless mechanic of coin flipping, you can offer non gamers an exciting game that offers plenty of dynamic through cooperative play. I give this five stars because I own the title and it has offered countless entertainment with a handful of different experience levels.


Good game, bit quality is a bit middling. Dexterity required seems next to impossible for an average group, as for the entire game only 2 hits were scored on the mothership, including at the end with 18+ flips happening at it. Would play again though. It's nice and light, even if the iconography for the shield could be a bit clearer (we misinterpreted it as two hits for one player, not that it guards adjacent).